About Us

Facade of themis mudhouse

Welcome to Themis Mudhouse- An Ethnic Resort & Cultural Dining

Based in Village Sampla, Main Rohtak Road, Haryana, a mere 25 km from Delhi, Themis Mudhouse- An Ethnic Resort & Cultural Dining Resort is a specialty resort, designed to focus on India's roots of simple yet high-quality living standards by providing unmatched facilities.

Our mudhouse cottages are basic in appearance and authentic in every way. Combining mud walls and thatched roofs style room with modern luxuries, these cottages in our theme resort near Delhi provide you with the best care and hospitality that you expect from a perfect getaway or a business trip! There's something for everyone in our resort and this is our main USP!

What we are offering to you are state-of-the-art facilities, which have been designed to indulge you in every way possible and yet give you the true feeling of the rustic and eco-friendly environment of the resort. Based in the backyards of the erstwhile urban lifestyle, our Delhi NCR resort would capture your imagination, leaving you with a complete experience of rejuvenation and happiness!!

So, we urge you to come over to the Resort, experience our services firsthand, and see for yourself, why our esteemed guests are constantly talking about our hospitality and our facilities!

We are sure you would keep coming back for more!!!

Why Choose Us

Conscientious & Professional


Each of our staff members at Themis Mudhouse- An Ethnic Resort & Cultural Dining Resort is highly professional who fully understands the needs of our guests and sure that every need of the guests is taken care of.


We believe that a happy guest would always seek the best service possible from their perspective. We at Themis, continually strive to make it possible from our end, so that the guests are left with a overall nice experience!


In this era of modern and urban lifestyle, people overlook the quality of the food, which they consume and often make do with whatever is presented to them, however artificially it may have been produced. At Themis Mudhouse- An Ethnic Resort & Cultural Dining Resort, our kitchens source the ingredients only from the best organic farms to ensure that you are served with an authentic and fresh food everytime!

Our specifically designed cottages are fully furnished with every modern amenity and yet maintains the authentic aesthetics of a traditional Indian village! Each cottage is an experience in itself, combining beautiful ambient lighting, unique to each room, antique architecture and furnishings, and modern facilities such as air conditioning, mini bar in every room, to ensure that your stay with us is as comfortable as it is nostalgic!

While activities such as mud baths, spa & sauna, and swimming pool will make you relaxed, other fun activities such as cricket, volleyball, snooker, chess and carrom etc. keep you on your toes, totally indulging you!

Also, various specially themed events, in sync with the festive culture of India are bound to keep you enthusiastic and entertained throughout your stay with us. 


To be in sync with the ever changing scenario of India's banking system, we have adjusted ourselves along side. We make sure that your payment options are magnified, and are also seamless - whichever route you take towards that!

For us, our guests mean everything, and their happiness defines our quality of services and hospitality provided to them. We thrive to be the best in class resort, by providing you with a seamless experience everywhere.