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Check out our wide range of delectable cuisines that you can enjoy with your friends and family. For a memorable dining experience, come and savour our warm hospitality at one of the best Rohtak restaurants.

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Seating & Cuisines

Guests can experience premium indoor and outdoor setting at one of the best restaurants in Rohtak. You may either be seated on the normal dining table set up in any restaurants here or by our traditional setup, where you get served while seated on the floor, as our ancestors used to eat. Whichever way you choose, we are always happy to serve you our traditions and culture - most evident in our food! 

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A rich platter of authentic Thali 

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Savour the new flavours of Tandoori Maggi

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The airy yet fulfilling Smokey Chulha Roti

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Discover the new flavours created by our chefs

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Our chefs prepare your favourite dishes

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The rich platter of delicacies is here to win your heart

Mudhouse Specialities

Tandoori Chai
Tandoori Maggi
Daru Wali Dal
Vodka Waala Shahi Paneer
Vodka Waala Butter Chicken
Rum Waala Chicken Tikka

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Celebrate your love for food with your dear ones

Order your favourite cuisines or explore some new flavours that you have never tasted before from our restaurant in Bahadurgarh as you enjoy your day with your friends and family. We also offer an exclusive service where you can avail of a live-food counter, where our chefs prepare food in front of you and serve piping hot directly onto your platter!

Offering cuisines from different parts of India, we plate an array of various delicacies and beverages that include Haryanavi Thali, Rajasthani Thali, special Tandoori Chai from Pune, and the Goan Virat Thali.


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Village Sampla, Main Peeragarhi-Rohtak Highway,
Next to Bahadurgarh Toll Rohtak NH-10,
Near Delhi NCR, Haryana 124501, India

Reach Us:  +91 9999123300
Email ID:  info@themishouse.in