Celebrating the Visionary: Sumeet Dabas and the Remarkable Journey of Themis

Image of a man with a white shirt standing in a restaurant at Themis Mudhouse- A Nature's Wellness Resort

As we raise a toast on the birthday of Mr. Sumeet Dabas, the visionary behind Themis, we delve into the legacy of this luxury hospitality brand that has redefined opulence in the Restaurant & Resort Industry.

Themis, with its ever-expanding presence across North India, stands as a testament to Sumeet Dabas's farsightedness and unwavering commitment. From the exquisite Themis Barbecue, offering a unique blend of dining and lounging experiences, to the curated stays at Themis Mudhouse, the brand embodies a commitment to unparalleled luxury and immersive hospitality.

Sumeet Dabas's journey is marked by an unyielding dedication to providing delightful flavors using the highest quality ingredients. Under the supervision of the finest chefs, Themis has crafted a culinary experience that goes beyond mere sustenance, elevating it to a symphony of taste and visual delight.

Themis believes that a luxurious stay should engage all senses, and the curated stays at Themis Mudhouse embody this philosophy. Modern luxury seamlessly intertwines with the essence of yesteryears, providing guests with an unforgettable experience that goes beyond conventional hospitality.

Adding to Themis' grandeur, Sumeet introduced the Themis Greek House Restaurant in Murthal, catering to highway travelers with a taste of Greece. And the excitement doesn't end there! Themis is expanding its reach with Klub Hermes by Themis in Gurugram, promising a new level of entertainment and leisure.

Sumeet's vision extends beyond just good food and cozy stays; he wants guests to have an all-encompassing experience, and Klub Hermes is set to deliver just that.

As we wish Sumeet Dabas a fantastic birthday, let's recognize his commitment to bringing the best in hospitality. Here's to Sumeet, the man behind Themis, and to the exciting journeys that await guests in the world he has so beautifully crafted!