One-day Outing Near Gurgaon

Break Free for a Day: Themis Mudhouse Awaits

In the hustle of Gurgaon, where the cityscape can sometimes feel overwhelming, a one-day escape becomes a necessity. If you're yearning for a retreat that's not too far but feels like a world away, Themis Mudhouse is your answer. It is a breeze to get to, even for a quick day trip. From Gurgaon, it's a comfortable drive of about 2 hours. So, pack your bags, hop in the car and let the highway unwind your worries as you approach your sanctuary. Let's explore why this nature haven is the best one-day outing resort near Gurgaon.

Proximity Redefined:

Why spend hours on the road when your perfect retreat is just a short drive away? Themis Mudhouse, nestled near Gurgaon, offers an easy escape that won't have you glued to your car seat for long. In just a few hours, you can transition from urban chaos to serene landscapes.

Kid-friendly Fun:

Travelling with little ones? Themis Mudhouse ensures that every family member has a blast. The resort offers a myriad of kid-friendly activities, from outdoor games such as net cricket and archery to indoor games like carrom and foosball. Watch your children's eyes light up as they connect with nature in this family-friendly haven. Adults can engage in thrill-seeking activities like zip lining, camel safari and horse riding. With excellent facilities for a one-day trip near Gurgaon for couples, with ample provision for their children, it is the ideal spot for a getaway.

Revitalise Your Spirit:

A day out should not only be fun but also rejuvenating. Treat yourself to the Spa and Wellness Centre at Themis Mudhouse. Imagine a day filled with activities, topped off with a session to unwind your mind and body. It's the perfect recipe for a soul-refreshing experience.

USPs of Themis Mudhouse:

Nature Immersion: Tucked away in the lush surroundings of Singhpura, Themis Mudhouse offers a true escape into nature.

Family-Centric:  From kid-friendly activities to spacious accommodations, every element is designed for family enjoyment.

As you plan your one-day outing near Gurgaon, Themis Mudhouse beckons with open arms. Book your day and let the simplicity of nature be your guide. It's time to redefine your one-day outings, one nature-inspired escape at a time. When it's time to leave, you'll come to understand that Themis Mudhouse has provided you with more than a mere day trip. It's a memory that will remain warmly etched in your heart long after you've said goodbye to its nurturing embrace.